Flatware, Cutlery & Scissors

Messermeister Two Sided Sharpening Stone 2000 & 5000

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The Messermeister Two-Sided 2000/5000 Water Combination Sharpening Stone is designed for the professional or home chef who is interested in cutting a razor like edge on kitchen cutlery. The 2000 grit side is excellent for maintaining a very sharp edge. The 5000 grit side is great for finishing the sharpest edges with a polish. This stone provides a complete solution to maintaining the sharpest kitchen cutlery at an affordable price.
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Henckel Flatware Set Enchant 42Pc

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Zwilling 42 Piece Set Service for Eight Enchant
With a design and durability thats anything but ordinary, the Enchant flatware set from J.a. Henckels does wonders for everyday dining. Fluid lines lend modern elegance to tables of eight. With forged dinner knives.
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Cuisinart Knife Set 12pc

M1023068 Available: 2
High-Quality stainless steel slades
Nonstick coating for easy slicing
Color coding reduces the risk of cross-contamination during food
Lifetime Warranty
Set Includes:
8" Chef Knife
8" Slicing Knife
8" Serrated Bread Knife
7" Santoku Knife
6.5" Utility Knife
3.5" Paring Knife
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Kuhn Rikon Paring Knife Colori Black 4"

M1024888 Available: 5
Kuhn Rikon Paring Knife in black. Under all that color is a 4-inch carbon steel blade sheathed in nonstick color coating. Slices slide right off the blade, making each cut easier and neater. Plastic Sheath protects the blade when traveling or for storage.
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Kuhn Rikon Colori Paring Knife Nonstick Blue 4"

M1024890 Available: 7
The 4-inch Colori Paring Knife by Kuhn Rikon is very versatile - making tasks such as peeling, coring, trimming, decorating and detail work easy. The small size of this paring knife provides complete control over the blade from heel to tip.
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Kuhn Rikon Colori Paring Knife Purple 4"

M1024894 Available: 3
Our new Paring Knives are made of a high-quality carbon steel blade with a nonstick coating and safety sheath. The perfect knife for your kitchen.
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Oxo Flexible Kitchen & Herb Snip

M1025966 Available: 5
Oxo good grips, stainless steel, flexible kitchen & herb scissors, soft, comfortable, non-slip handles conform to the hand while cutting, hardened stainless steel blades cut through herbs, meat, poultry, twine & more, ideal for everyday kitchen, craft & household use, blades come apart for easy cleaning & feature patent pending release tabs to ensure they don't separate on their own, hand wash with warm, soapy water & promptly dry.
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Zwilling Multi-Purpose Kitchen Shears Red

M1028488 Available: 2
Forged steel blades set in durable cast handles designed to function as a bottle cap opener, screw cap opener, and jar lid lifter. Durable, heavy construction.
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Zwilling Steakhouse Steak Knife Set

M1028500 Available: 2
Inverted blade serration, for a prolonged cutting edge, gives you the smooth cut of a fine edge blade that will stay sharp over years of use. This high and low serration distributes blade wear and tear throughout a two-step process. Delaying potential dulling. As the larger teeth wear down on hard ceramic surfaces, the smaller teeth between remain sharp.
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Oxo Feeding Spoon Set w/Silicone Pk

M1046739 Available: 5
Toddler's intake of solid foods is made easy by OXO Tot Feeding Spoon Set. This spoon is coated with protective silicone which is soft on baby's gums and mouth. Smooth edges of this set of spoons can be used to wipe jam off baby's face and scrape resilient foods from the bottom of a bowl or jar. Shallow shape of the spoon prevents baby from eating too much at one go.
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Olivia Fine Honing Steel 10"

M1047605 Available: 2
The Messermeister Oliva Elite 10" Fine Steel, made in Germany, realigns the edge of a knife. The fine grit steel works great on Messermeister's Elite and Japanese knife lines. Each handle in the Oliva Elite knife line is unique and made from beautiful, Italian olive wood. No two handles are the identical, making the knives & steels truly boutique and one-of-a-kind.
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Olivia Cheese Tomato Knife 5.5"

M1047606 Available: 2
The Messermeister Oliva Elite 5" Cheese and Tomato Knife is hand-crafted from the finest German stainless steel in the traditional old world "stick less" skeleton style. The serrated wavy edge is efficient at cutting soft, medium and hard cheese. The fork tip is designed to move pieces from the cutting board to the plates. Marry this wonderful blade to a beautiful golden highly figured piece of natural Olive wood and this knife exemplifies the best of vintage artisanal cutting instruments from yesteryear.
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