Storage & Organizers

Closetmaid Fabric Drawer Red

5635479 Available: 2
Provides storage space. Fits into most cubical storage units. Size: 11"H x 11"W x 11"D.
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Fabric Drawer Fuschia

5635487 Available: 2
Perfect for organizing and cutting down on clutter, these Fabric Drawer for Stackable Cubicals add fun and functionality to your cube organizer! These fabric drawers easily side in and pull out of cube shelves thanks to their sewn in handle! Durable, eye-catching and easy to use, these Fabric Drawers are a terrific choice! These Fabric Drawers have been specially designed to fit perfectly with their Storage Cube counterparts -- together they form an unbeatable combination of color, organization, and style.
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Over Rod 8 Loop Scarf Holder

5636840 Available: 2
For closet storage of all your clothing accessories, this eight loop hanger offers ample opportunities. Fit scarves, ties, belts and more in the many loops that emanate from the hanger. Three different loop sizes to accommodate all your needs. Simply hangs from your closet rod like any other hanger. Made of durable steel wire.
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Footlocker w/ Wheels 92qt Black

5651658 Available: 2
Color: Black
Size: 31.25H x 17.625W x 13.875D
Made in the USA
Secure Latching
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Ziploc Freezer Pint Bags

6008437 Available: 17
For freezing fruit, vegetables, meats, poultry, fish, baked goods, cooked foods, leftovers, and hard cheeses. Microwaveable safe. FreezeGuard seal.
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Rubbermaid 18Gal Tote w/Snap Lid

6015317 Available: 6
Rugged storage boxes are shatter resistant. Sturdy, built-in handles for easy carrying. Snap-on, stay-tight lids help keep contents dry and dust-free. Stackable design saves storage space. 24" x 16" x 16.51"H.
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Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil 30'

6017529 Available: 16
Quality aluminum foil is the most versatile of all food wrapping materials. It can withstand both heat and cold.
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Utility Muck Tub Bucket 20Gal

6018220 Available: 2
Use in and around the home. Heavy-weight, durable tub has rope handles for transporting.
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Sterilite Ultra Basket White Medium

6020598 Available: 8
White basket w/Titanium inserts
Medium ultra basket
Contoured handles for comfortable transporting
Smooth finish is easy to clean
Made in the USA
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Kittrich Adhesive Shelf Liner Golden Oak

6021935 Available: 6
Kittrich Corp 03-594-12 Magic Cover Adhesive Golden Oak Liner 18" x 9" is a self-adhesive shelf liner. Use to protect and renew shelves. Great for pantries, closets and more.
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Double Zipper Storage Bag Jumbo 2gal 12pk

6054530 Available: 16
Locks out air and locks in freshness
Lets you hear and feel the bag close from edge-to-edge
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Ziploc Sandwich Bags 40ct

6065494 Available: 10
These Ziploc Sandwich Bags, 100 ct, are ideal for anyone who likes to stay organized. They are perfect for storing items in a lunchbox and around the house, and they are ideal for transporting food or other items. These Ziploc storage bags are sure to come in handy on a variety of occasions.
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