Cedar Fresh Spray 2oz

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Aromatic cedar sprays quickly and naturally eliminates all odors as well as refresh cedar blocks and hangers. Natural deodorizer great for pet areas.
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Cedar Balls 24Ct

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Used as a natural alternative to chemical moth balls. Each packet contains 24, 7/8" diameter cedar balls.
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Cedar Moth Chaser Disk 6Ct

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Natural cedar disk slide easily onto any hanger for extra protection or slip into a drawer. Measures 2" diameter x 3/8" thick.
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Honey Can Do Recycled Plastic Hangers Black 15pk

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Honey-Can-Do HNGZ01520 Light-Weight Recycled Plastic Hangers, 60-Pack, Black No matter what clothes you're hanging, these are perfect for polos or t's, blouses or V's(v-necks) these plastic hangers are great for drip drying you clothes, too. Big hook for even the largest of closet rods. Honey-Can-do products all come with a limited lifetime warranty. These hangers also come from recycled plastic. Any little bit of help we can give the environment is always good. The huge multi-pack is perfect for the whole family. Give some to your friends if you like.
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Honey Can Do Suit Hanger Maple 4pk

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Suit hanger with non slip bar. Features a 360 swivel rod hook to hand items easily on any closet rod, towel bar, or standard size door.
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Whitmor Slack Hangers 2pk

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These solid wood trouser hangers by Whitmor are perfect for hanging and organizing pants and skirts in any closet. The set of two generously sized wooden slack hangers feature full-width gripping grooves and a plastic clamp-lock to hold pants securely. This classic design will not crush the seams of your garments and will keep your trousers in freshly pressed condition. These solid wood hangers feature a glossy smooth natural finish and feature a chrome swivel hook for easy hanging.
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Cedar Sachet In A Bag 3 Count

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3 count, cedar sachet in a bag, cotton draw string sachets filled with 100% naturally aromatic red cedar shavings, protects clothing while it's in storage, safe for use with all fabrics, versatile pouches can be placed in drawers, boxes, bins & hung in closet, eco-friendly, renewable & chemical free, harvested from renewable natural resource, 5"h x 3.5"w 2.5"d.
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T-Fal Corp Iron Comfort Cord Reel

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Automatic cord reel enables the cord length to be adjusted. Scratch resistant, stainless steel microsteam 300 soleplate provides a smooth surface with excellent glide. Precision tip delivers steam and pressing to hard to reach areas. Self cleaning system flushes out loose mineral deposits to ensure optimal performance. Integrated anti-calc system removes impurities for long lasting, clean steam. 3-way auto shut off turns off after 8 minutes if left vertically and 30 sec if tipped over. Variable steam-manually adjust to the desired temperature. Use the steam function in an upright position. Thumb rest for comfortable, easier handling. 8.45oz tank capacity. 1500 Watts.
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Hip Hugging Laundry Basket White

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Smooth finish to prevent snagging delicate items. 3 sturdy grab-through handles for easy 1- or 2-handed lifting. Curved design rests on hip for comfortable 1-hand carrying. AQUAM/BBFR
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Rowenta DW5080 Focus Iron

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Rowenta DW5080003 Focus Iron. Made in Germany, Rowenta Focus DW5080 iron features enhanced stainless steel soleplate with precision tip, with sharper point, for better access to hard-to-reach areas. A crystal tank with graduation lines for a precise water level indication and a new ergonomic thermostat knob with a precise reading of the settings. Scratch Resistant Stainless Steel Microsteam 400 Soleplate. Highly polished stainless steel provides a smooth surface with excellent glide Round shape at the back to go back and forth without creases. 400 microsteam holes provide perfect steam distribution. Enhanced high precision tip delivers steam and pressing into hard to reach areas. Large Thermostat Knob for ergonomic reading of the settings. Graduation Lines for a precise water indication. Self Clean System flushes out loose mineral deposits, ensuring optimal performance. Anti-calc integrated anti-scale system removes impurities for long lasting, clean steam. 3-way auto shutoff turns the iron off in 8 minutes if left vertically and 30 seconds if left horizontally or tipped over. Vertical Steam allows iron to be used in upright position to remove wrinkles from drapes and hanging garments. Burst of Steam for steam concentrated at the tip to remove hard to reach wrinkles from difficult fabric. Soft touch comfort handle provides comfort and control for precise ironing. Large Soft-touch Rear provides extra stability when iron is on its heel. Extra large water tank with 10 oz. capacity fills easily at the tap.
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Sunbeam Classic Steam Iron

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The Sunbeam Classic Iron offers an exciting new design with upgraded features. This unit features an extra Shot of Steam to remove stubborn wrinkles while ironing flat or with hanging clothes and draperies. It Features timed Auto-Off, a Non-Stick Soleplate and easy to use controls.
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Remington Fuzz Away Fabric Shaver

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Safely removes pills and fuzz from all fabrics. Keeps clothes and fabrics looking like new. 1 AAA battery required. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included)
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