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Tenryu 5 Rake Saw Blade 100T 10" ML-255100H

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Specifications - Arbor: 5/8in Grind: HATB Rake: -5 Kerf: 0.118 RPM: 5870 Type of Machine: Table Saws Type of Material: Laminate
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Tenryu Blade 10"/80T Slide

M6099962 Available: 2
Specifications - Arbor: 5/8in Grind: ATAF Rake: 0 Kerf: 0.118 RPM: 5870 Type of Machine: Miter Saws Type of Material: Wood
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Kreg KMS7102 Table Saw Precision Miter Gauge System

M6140943 Available: 4
Cut perfect miters consistently with Kreg's Precision Miter Gauge System. A number of unique features makes this one of the most precise miter gauges on the market today. Factory calibrated accuracy starts with a gauge head that is machined on a computerized milling machine for absolute precision. An easy-to-read Vernier scale enables precise angle adjustments up to 1/10th of a degree. Five patented bar adjusters take up the play in the miter slot for a perfect fit. A 24" fence section with patented Swing Stop and self-adhesive measuring tape is included.Factory calibrated... perfect right out of the box
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Dewalt 20V Max 5ah XR Battery 2pk

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The DCB205-2 20V MAX* Premium XR 5.0Ah Lithium Ion Battery Pack provides immediate feedback on state of charge with the 3-LED Fuel Gauge System and has a lightweight design for easy transporting.
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Dewalt Heavy Duty Ferrous Cutting Arbor 14" 66T

M6605660 Available: 1
14" heavy gauge ferrous metal cutting blade,Use with metal cutting "dry cut" chop saw only,12% titanium carbide teeth for long life,Modified ATB tooth geometry,Provides clean, burr-free cuts,Tri-foil braze absorbs stress-makes tip stronger,Expansion slots dissipate heat-extending life,1" arbor hole - kerf: 0.087 - max speed 1800 rpm,SIZE 14"
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Makita 18V Li-Ion Optimum Automotive Charger

M6630071 Available: 2
Compatible with 12-volt DC sockets found in most autos and trucks. Charges slide-style Makita Lithium-Ion batteries, including the 18V LXT(R) Lithium-Ion 3.0Ah and 18V Compact Lithium-Ion 1.5Ah batteries.
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Makita Lithium Battery 18V LXT 4.0ah 2pk

M6635204 Available: 2
Engineered for more run time and faster charging. Reaches a full charge in only 40 minutes. Lithium Ion 4.0 Ah battery. Fully compatible with 18 volt LXT and 18 volt Compact cordless tools that carry the star symbol.
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M6863020 Available: 7
DeWalt 18V XRP Battery Combo 2 Pack
Keep your DEWALT 18-volt cordless tools powered with the DC9096 XRP 18-volt extended run time batteries. DEWALT uses top quality NiCd cells, offering a consistent and adaptable performance.  The extended run time batteries deliver 40 percent more run time with new cobalt technology.  2.4 Amp Hour NiCad Pod Style Battery.  Contains 2 - 18 volt batteries.
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Festool Surfix Finish Applicator Set

M9308063 Available: 2
Tackle your natural oil finishing tasks in just a few simple steps, and with significantly less mess. The complete set Including an Applicator, 0.3L of Heavy-Duty Oil, 0.3L of One-Step Oil, and 0.3L of Outdoor Oil, plus 5 Replacement Sponges, 20 assorted sheets of 150 mm wood-specific, Rubin and Brilliant abrasives, and 10 more pieces of Vlies polishing abrasives, all packed in a Systainer 3. Final finishing doesn't have to be difficult, time-consuming, or messy. The Festool Surfix tackles one of the hardest-to-nail finishing tasks with ease, dispensing oil directly from the squeezable handle and into the sponge, so you can control the amount and the distribution of oil across your surface, without covering your hands or clothes. This self-contained system not only provides quick and even distribution but also reduces costs associated with throwaway rags and brushes. Quick and Ergonomic - A super clean, easy to use oil dispenser and applicator, the SurFix allows you to achieve an even, balanced natural oil finish without all the mess, stickiness and rework. Clean and Economical - With more even application and distribution of finishing oil, you'll achieve a more balanced finish while saving money on wasted oil and disposable applicators. Always The Right Oil - Festool offers three grades of natural Linseed-based oil, including Heavy-Duty, One-Step and Outdoor formulas, suitable for light and dark wood for virtually any indoor or outdoor application.
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Flute & Bead Set 1/2" Shank Carbide Tipped

M97757 Available: 2
Use this bit set to make your own cedar strip canoe, hot tub, or lots of other curved shapes. The Anti-kickback design helps to ensure your safety when routing. Use both bits for fluting and beading 1/4-Inch Slats.
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Replacement Filter Element CT26/36/48 HEPA C

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Replacement HEPA Filter Element for CT 26/36/48. HEPA Main Filter captures 99.99% of particulate matter down to .3 microns, helping you work cleaner and breathe easier
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Arbortech Turbo Plane

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The Arbortech TURBOPlane is a universal wood shaping blade that can be used to create different shapes, profiles and finishes. The TurboPlane can be used flat to create large level surfaces or used at angles to provide shallow cuts for fine shaping, planing and sculpting.

-Attaches to all 100mm & 115mm angle grinders*
-Rapid freehand wood sculpting, planing and trimming tool
-Leaves a smooth finish with minimal sanding
-Easily re-sharpened with a small diamond lap stone
-Outstanding for free-formed convex shapes
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