Sentora Japanese Lawn Sickle 3"

M7201370 Available: 2
A traditional Japanese Lawn Sickle with a very sharp serrated high carbon blade. This Japanese Lawn Sickle is good for harvesting vegetables, lavender and great for edging lawns too. Wood handle.
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Mintcraft T-Handle Garden Tiller

M7201405 Available: 15
Heavy duty handle with soft grip. Easy to operate step plate. Loosens the soil for weeding.
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Comfort Grip Soil Scoop Red

M7203300 Available: 3
Garden Works SSR Soil Scoop Unique General Purpose
    * Unique general purpose digging tool
    * Patented spoon shaped blade with sharply pointed tip and serrated edges
    * Great for digging, furrowing and weeding
    * Comfort grip handle- ergonomically designed
Garden Works Soil Scoop Unique General Purpose Digging Tool Patented Spoon Shaped Blade With Sharply Pointed Tip And Serrated Edges Great For Digging, Furrowing And Weeding Comfort Grip Handle- Ergonomically Designed Rust Free Stainless Steel Carded All items sold new in original packaging
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Angle Weeder Red Right Hand

M7203305 Available: 1
Garden Works AWRR Angle Weeder RH Red Comfort Grip
    * The angle of this American made tool serves three functions.
    * The serrated teeth snag and cut for you.
    * The barbed tip pulled weeds from cracks.
    * The leverage of the angle pulls the tap roots out cleanly.
    * Rust free very sharp stainless steal blade is always ready.
This has a brightly colored Red ergonomically designed comfort grip. And this comes with a lifetime guarantee that you will not have to use. Garden Works makes quality tools.
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Garden Works Culti-Weeder Garden Tool

M7203310 Available: 7
Garden Works 79971 Culti Weeder
    * Comfort Bright Blue Grip
    * Very sharp tool that makes it so easy to work soil or weeds
    * You will be very pleased with this tool, honest.
    * Made in the USA
    * Stainless steel blade, handle made out of recycled material.
Serrated edges really get the job done. Terrific for keeping your vegetable garden in order.
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EZ Digger Hand Plow 12"

M7203325 Available: 7
Easy to use soil digger
Unique and versatile
Excellent for weeding and cultivating
Features a curved blade
Handle is made of hardwood
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Leonard Deluxe Soil Knife 11.75"

M7203330 Available: 19
A.M Leonard Soil Knife Hori-Hori
The one tool you can't do without!
We commissioned one of the world's finest manufacturers of quality Swedish steel tools to craft a soil knife good enough to bear our name. This soil knife is a 3-in-1 gardening tool! It digs, cuts and saws. The 6" stainless steel blade has a tapered slicing edge leading to a tapered edge that is deeply serrated for root cutting. One piece molded composite handle is designed with a new wider guard. Blade is 1 3/4" wide for digging. Overall length 11 3/4".
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Leonard Leather Soil Knife Sheath

M7203335 Available: 4
Handy soil knife sheath
Clips on for safe keeping
Also be secured through belt loop
Ample knife protection
Stitched and riveted for durability
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Esschert Canvas Garden Tool Belt

M7204415 Available: 12
Conveniently strap all your hand tools on your waist so you have them when you need them. One size fits most belt includes a multi pocket pouch for holding tools, pens, plant markers, and more. Durable canvas. Tan and green.
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Speeco D Handle Hay Hook 17"

M7240192 Available: 2
Made of high quality 7/16 in round cold rolled steel
Handles are 4-12 in inside permitting heavy mittens on hands
Designed for easy insertion as well as release from the bale
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Speeco Hay Hook D Handle 11"

M7240210 Available: 1
Made of high quality 7/16 in. Round cold rolled steel.
Handles are 4-1/2 in. Inside permitting heavy mittens on hands.
Painted red.
Size - 11 in.
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DeWit Dandelion Weeder

M7540187 Available: 7
Unrivaled quality - lifetime guaranteed
Manufactured in Holland by DeWit since 1898
Earth friendly way to get rid of weeds; no need for toxic herbicides European Ash hardwood handle is strong but lightweight, and also has elasticity so the tool can bend without breaking
Boron steel head for durability and abrasion resistance
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