Basic Repair & Parts

Gardner Bender Flex Tubing 1/2 in X 7 ft Black

3427051 Available: 2
Protects hoses, wire and cables from cuts, abrasions and UV wear. Excellent for managing cords for electronics, under hood or trailer wiring. Corrugated for added flexibility. Split down the center for wire breakout where needed. 1/2" x 7 ft
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Gardner Bender Heat Shrink Tube Kit Assorted

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Heat Shrink Tubing Assorted, 160 pieces total. Resists common fluids and solvents.
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3468568 Available: 5
This item protects toggle switch and has an inner secondary safety seal.
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contains a 5 pack of switch plates in black and red.
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Gardner Bender X-treme Cable Tie 8 in. 100 Pack

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Gardner bender Xtreme temp cable ties are specifically designed to perform in harsh environment applications. Replacing broken cable ties is costly in both time and effort - GB Xtreme ties are designed to do the job and keep your project pulled together until you decide to remove them. Engineered from improved nylon 66 and ISO certified to maintain their properties down to -40? f/c - these ties deliver under intense cold weather conditions. In addition they offer enhanced UV protection and are UL listed for indoor and outdoor applications from -4? f to 185? f (-20? c - 85? c). UL type 21. Wrap, lock, and bundle or support almost anything - snow fencing, signage, volleyball nets, bike baskets or critter fencing for your vegetable Gardner. Essentially, these ties offer the confidence you need that your project will stay securely bundled no mater what mother nature may bring. Add them to your tool box, workshop and the "junk-drawer" for every maintenance project - from the mundane to the Xtreme. Ties are available in 3 lengths - 8 in, 11 in, and 14 in and 20pk or 100pk quantities. Made in the USA.
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Champion Small Engine Spark Plug N11YC

7103096 Available: 5
Superior construction. Maximum corrosion resistance. Optimum performance. Meets or exceeds OEM specifications. Resists fouling. For most Kohler engines. Dependable starts. For small engine.
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NGK Central Power System Spark Plug BPMR8Y

7301542 Available: 7
NGK, Bpmr8y Blyb, Spark Plug, Small Engine Assortment, Pe Engines Honda, C/Saw Echo, Pe Engines Tecumseh, Auger Echo, Blower Echo, Edger Echo, Hedge Trimmer Echo, Miscellaneous Equipment Echo, Pole Saw Echo, String Trimmer Dolmar, Echo, Tiller Echo, Vacuum Echo, Blister Package.
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Champion L&G Sparkplug RC12YC

8008278 Available: 113
Constructed with a corrosion resistant zinc plated shell.
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912 Automotive Bulb

8020151 Available: 6
Automotive bulbs miniature wedge dome/stop light t-5 bulb - carded volt - amp=12.8 - 1.0 card of 2 Dome/map high-mount stop light, C-2R filament, T-5 bulb and 1,000 average life hours.
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8020173 Available: 15
Eiko's line of original equipment indicator and accent lamps are designed for long and reliable performance. Manufactured to exacting standards, they feature top quality components and are guaranteed to perform like the original. Our metal-based lamps also feature an industry-first, nickel-plated brass base which prevents corrosion and ensures performance. Additionally, each and every lamp is quality tested before it leaves the factory.
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Exterior Blind Spot Mirror 3"

8022352 Available: 4
3 inch exterior blind spot mirror, provides wide angle view, ideal on all west coast mirror heads.
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Bussman 10 AMP Mini Fuse 5pk

8035537 Available: 4
Voltage rating: 32 volts DC (or less). UL Rated 94VO thermoplastic housing material. Zinc alloy composite terminal material with silver plating. 1,000 amperes interrupt rating. Amperage marking is OCR compliant. UL recognized (3-30A) Guide JFHR2, File E56412.
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