Tower Fan 12V

M8271518 Available: 3
Utilizes the popular and powerful tower fan technology. Completely adjustable for personal comfort. Operates from most 12 Volt accessory outlet. Fits nearly all vehicle cup holders.
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Bell 00051 Octopus Drink Holder

M8271731 Available: 6
Spring action grippers line the inside and adjust to any size cup or mug. Non-slip base eliminates tipping.
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Trillium TWI1001N 12 Volt Heated Blanket

M8273632 Available: 16
Car Cozy 2 - 12 Volt Heated Blanket TWI-1001N Dark Navy
It's large enough to keep one or two people warm, and operates on 48 Watts, drawing only 4 Amps. Perfect for cold morning starts and keeping all passengers comfy on long road trips, especially the kids in back! Plugs into any 12 volt power outlet. Electric car blanket is ideal travel companion for all weather condition. Easy to store in your car's interior, blanket is large enough for two people. Heated blanket has 30 or 45-minute timer with auto shut-off and reset button. Made of durable 100-percent polyester fleece. Dimensions are a large 58 inches long x 42 inches wide. Use in the RV, car, boat or truck.
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Trillium Car Cozy Mini Heated 12Volt Pad Plaid

M8273633 Available: 1
Trillium Worldwide 12V Heated Travel Pad is designed to provide extra warmth and comfort. It is constructed using durable material that ensures durability and longevity. This heated travel pad features a light weight design which folds tightly for easy storage and can be easily cleaned.
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Hopkins Trash-Bla Pop Up Trash Can

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Pops up to use, collapses down to store. Treated liner helps contain spills and cleans easily. Special tab on bottom keeps can from tipping and rolling.
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Hopkins Pop Up Trash Can 13"

M8274032 Available: 2
Pops up to use, collapses down to store. Treated liner helps contain spills and cleans easily. Special tab on bottom keeps can from tipping and rolling.
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Super Size Sticky Pad

M8274137 Available: 27
Super size sticky pad keeps valuable items from slipping and sliding on your car's dashboard. Great for handsfree phones, clings to dash. Washable, reusable, and moveable! Non adhesive, Not magnetic
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Stander HandyBar Personal Support 3001

M8274274 Available: 4
HandyBar Personal Support Handle
The average North American gets in and out his or her car 4 times each day. If you are one of the 35 million over age 65, or one of the 60 million suffering from chronic arthritis, a temporary injury, or the annual four million pregnant women - you need this!  A hand to help you in or out of the car may be critical for your safety. A new product called Handybar provides that critical security to anyone getting in and out of today's lower cars and higher SUV's.
The Handybar is a universal friction fit device that fits into the already existing door hardware on your car, it requires no costly installation or modification and is designed to make getting in and out of a car simple and painless.
The Handybar weighs less than1 pound and is approximately 9 inches in length, portable, and is able to support users weighing up to 350 pounds.
It fits the majority of domestic and Asian vehicles, works on both driver and passenger doors locking into the existing door striker plate.
Because doors damaged in a car accident often can't be opened, the Handybar's tip end design allows you to break a side-window to escape your vehicle. In addition, because seatbelt buckles may jam or not able to be reached after functioning to hold the occupant in place during an accident, Handybar also features an integrated seatbelt cutter in order to free oneself or other passengers.
Recommended by Doctors and Health Professionals.
Universal Fit; NO vehicle modification required.
Makes a great and thoughtful gift for your friend or loved ones
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Seat Back Protectors

M8274280 Available: 4
Don't let back seat passengers dirty your drive. Clear seat back protectors keep foot and paw skid marks from staining car upholstery. Woven straps easily buckle around headrests and adjust to fit most vehicles. Durable wipe-clean vinyl construction.
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Portable Pet Partition

M8274294 Available: 2
Drive without the distractions of your dog moving around the car. Expands to fit most and SUV, van or station wagon. All steel construction - durable finish. Simple and easy to install or remove. Space barrier keeps pets, suitcases and other cargo in a separate area at the back of a vehicle. Width adjusts from 43" to 59", height adjusts from 24" to 50". Comes with two hoops. Have a bigger space to fill? Add-On Rung available seperately.
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PortablePet Pet Partition Add On Rung 3049

M8274297 Available: 2
The PortablePET Add-On Rung gives you additional barrier coverage in your vehicle. The Pet Partition comes with 2 rungs this Add-On Rung simply and easily attaches to the unit and installs in minutes. The Add-On Rung can be adjusted horizontally to fit a variety of vehicles.
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Black Compact Organizer

M8274331 Available: 4
Hopkins Go Gear CMPORG-BLA Black Compact Organizer
    * Rugged Ny-Max Material Stands Up To The Toughest Demands
    * Rigid Panel Construction Means Unmatched Structural Integrity
    * Rhino Grip Non-Slip Bottom Keeps Organizers Securely In Place
    * Reposition Go Gear Dividers To Customize Your Storage Areas
    * Multi-Purpose Pocket Provides Easy Access To Frequently Used Items
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