Interior Comfort

PortablePet Pet Partition Add On Rung 3049

M8274297 Available: 2
The PortablePET Add-On Rung gives you additional barrier coverage in your vehicle. The Pet Partition comes with 2 rungs this Add-On Rung simply and easily attaches to the unit and installs in minutes. The Add-On Rung can be adjusted horizontally to fit a variety of vehicles.
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Heininger 1027 CommuteMate Seat Belt Strap Adjuster

M8274303 Available: 8
With the Seat Strap AdjusterTM clipped to you seatbelt, the shoulder strap will sit where you want it to. Still providing an effective working seatbelt. The Seat Strap AdjusterTM is made to work with a three point seatbelt, making the shoulder strap maintain an upright position in case of impact. This innovative product takes into consideration that not all standard seatbelts fit everybody, offering safety and comfort in one simple package.
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Black Compact Organizer

M8274331 Available: 3
Hopkins Go Gear CMPORG-BLA Black Compact Organizer
    * Rugged Ny-Max Material Stands Up To The Toughest Demands
    * Rigid Panel Construction Means Unmatched Structural Integrity
    * Rhino Grip Non-Slip Bottom Keeps Organizers Securely In Place
    * Reposition Go Gear Dividers To Customize Your Storage Areas
    * Multi-Purpose Pocket Provides Easy Access To Frequently Used Items
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Console Organizer Black

M8274333 Available: 2
Hopkins Go Gear INTORG-BLA Black Console Organizer
    * Designed to provide excellent storage facility during transportation
    * Includes slides in panel
    * Consists of sleek hidden handles
    * Features two cup holders
    * Includes three small pockets
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Efficiency Console Black

M8274340 Available: 3
Economy console stores common travel items. Storage for coins and CD's. Two drink holders hold small to medium sized drinks.
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Hopkins GoGear Twin Cupholder

M8274428 Available: 3
Includes two adjustable drink holders and a convenient personal organizer. Unit mounts easily and securely to console, armrest or floor. Console strap included.
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Hopkins Mini Organizer

M8274430 Available: 4
Two separate compartments can open into one to customize your organization needs. Stays secure with an adaptable tongue that slides into or between seats. Tongue allows the organizer to be placed in multiple locations throughout your vehicle. Made of durable material. Perfect for small travel or personal items.
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Space Saver Trash Can

M8274443 Available: 7
Slim design utilitzes vehicle space more efficiently. Attaches to console, door, gear shift or seat pocket.
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Hopkins VSR Visor Organizer

M8274444 Available: 9
Storage space for most MP3 players. All purpose pocket and pen holder. Durable Ny-max material stands up to toughest demands.
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Hopkins Oscillating Fan 12V

M8274549 Available: 8
Powers from any standard vehcile 12V outlet. Oscillates 90 degrees to cool the entire vehicle. Includes clamp and screws for easy attachment to console or dash.
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Travelon Cool Mesh Back Support

M8274586 Available: 23
Relieve the stress on your back with this Mesh Back Support. This comfortable chair accessory can be used on almost any type of seat including car seats and office chairs. The nylon mesh construction allows air to circulate behind you, keeping your back comfortably cool. The back support attaches to a seat using a strong elastic strap, and can be adjusted up and down for a perfect fit. The ergonomic lumbar support system holds your back at a comfortable position that relieves muscle tension and improves posture.
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Auto Mileage & Expense Log

M8274617 Available: 10
Expense record book offers a pocket-sized place to record your auto mileage and expenses for business trips. The format contains detailed explanation and complies fully with rules requiring substantiation. Expense section prompts you to keep detailed expense records of maintenance and repairs. Undated record book is good for a full year. Durable leatherlike vinyl cover has pockets for receipts. Wirebound design allows it to lie flat. Record book contains 160 pages.
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