RV Accessories

Camco Adapter 30Amp M-50Amp F

8291932 Available: 2
Dogbone Adapter 30-50 AMP. Amperage: 50 amps. Wattage: 3750 watts. Voltage: 125 volts. 30 amp male to 50 amp female.
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Camco Electrical Adapter w/Handles 18" 50m/30F

8291940 Available: 2
The Camco 18-inch 50-amp to 30-amp Dogbone Adapter features handles for easy disconnection, even during inclement weather. The bright color of the ends of this adapter provides high visibility in low-light environments.
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Camco Adapter 15Amp M-30Amp F

8291957 Available: 2
RV Electrical Dogbone Adapter 15-30A. Wattage: 1875 watts. Voltage: 125 volts. Amperage: 30 amps. 15 AMP male to 30 AMP female.
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Camco Cyclone Sewer Vent Cover

8291973 Available: 1
Use the power of the wind to draw holding tank odors out of your RV. Even a gentle breeze impacts its dynamically engineered shape creating a powerful vortex that pulls odors up and away. Attaches easily to any rv plumbing vent. Rotates 360 degrees to follow the wind with no drilling into your roof top. White.
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Hand Pump Kit

8295842 Available: 2
Pump antifreeze directly into RV waterlines and supply tanks. Kit comes with flexible connecting line, city water connection and water faucet adapters. Carded.
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Camco Rhinoflex Extention Kit 5 Ft

8323370 Available: 2
Kit includes 5' RhinoFLEX sewer hose, swivel bayonet fitting, swivel lug fitting and two locking rings. Fittings swivel for ease of use and are detachable. 5' RhinoFLEX sewer hose is made of 23 mils of durable polyolefin and reinforced with steel wire. Kit compresses to 24" for storage and can be stored in 4" square bumpers. Works with any sewer hose that has a bayonet fitting.
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Camco Level Block Wheel Chock 1 Pair

8374985 Available: 2
Makes stabilizing and centering wheels easier. Helps eliminate dangerous wheel movement. Sized for larger vehicle wheels. Ideal for RVs, trucks and trailers. Exclusively for use with Camco's leveling blocks.
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Camco Adapter 30M/30F Amp 3P

8375057 Available: 2
Connects a L5-30 30 AMP locking receptacle to a TT-30 30 AMP standard cord set plug. 12" length adapter. Patented PowerGrip handle makes pluging and unpluging easier. Connect your generator to your RV. Rated for 125V/3750W.
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Camco RV Generator Outlet Adapter 30Mx2/15F Amp 3 Prong

8375339 Available: 3
Camco's 3-Prong Generator Adapter allows you to easily and safely split one 30 AMP receptacle into two 15 AMP receptacles.
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Camco Baggage Door Catch 2 Pack White

8377301 Available: 2
Camco's RV Polar White Baggage Door Catches keep the baggage compartments open while loading and unloading for easy access. It easily mounts directly on RV and is made from durable ABS plastic
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RV Waste Valve 3"

8377327 Available: 2
Camco 39513 RV 3" Waste Valve. Replacement 3 inch waste valve for the RV black water system. Comes with gaskets and installation hardware.
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UST Brands FlexWare Bucket 2.0

M8202267 Available: 8
5-liter collapsible bucket takes up minimal space when packed or stored; great for carrying and storing firewood, water, gear, and more. Sturdy, plastic rim and base for added stability; convenient fold-down handle for easy carrying. Measures 7.75 x 10 inches when fully expanded; collapses down to 2 x 10 inches for easy storage. Weighs 12.6 ounces; backed by two-year manufacturer's limited warranty. Made of thermoplastic rubber (TPR); BPA-free and dishwasher safe.
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