Gas Cans & Funnels

Tin Funnel 1QT

M8320835 Available: 2
Better than plastic, won't absorb odors and is recyclable. Oil and chemical resistant. As well as weather resistant. Fluted spout, close nesting tinware. Pieced ic tin. 1 quart.

Behren's Tin Funnel 1.75Qt

M8320840 Available: 2
Part of a full line of high quality automotive products. Better than plastic, won't absorb odors and is recyclable as well as oil and chemical resistant. Weather resistant. Fluted spout, close nesting, pieced IC tin.

Spill Saver Oil Funnel

M8320910 Available: 6
Locking Oil Funnel. Lock-in oil filler hole. Funnel holds bottle while pouring. No waste and no-mess quick pouring.

Hopkins Multi-Purpose Siphon 6'

M8320925 Available: 1
Perfect for gas and all types of liquids. 6-foot clear tube to view liquid flow. Safe and easy to use. Perfect for transferring all types of liquids. Plastic Siphon with 6 ft Clear Tube.

Hopkins Shaker Siphon 10801

M8320930 Available: 8
Moves up to 3.5 gallons per minute and has a 6 Foot anti static tube. Perfect for home, auto, marine, and ranch uses. Corrosion resistant fitting with Flexible tubing. Can be used with water, gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, solvents and lubricants to the thickness of 20 grade oil.

Hopkins Large Conductive Fuel Filter

M8321100 Available: 3
REMOVES WATER, Dirt and Debris from Fuel. Fast Flow Rate of up to 5.0 gallons per minute for use with portable fuel containers and fuel pumps. Simple, Portable, and Self-Cleaning. Filters Gasoline, Diesel, Heating Oil, and Kerosene. No Replacement Parts.

Hopkins FloTool Super Flexi-Spout

M8321167 Available: 7
The Super Flexi-Spout's dual-threading allows it to fit on most quart and gallon containers. Dual-threading feature means it can work with motor oil, anti-freeze, transmission and windshield washer fluids. Its extendable, flexible design is perfect for hard to reach areas.

Galvanized Steel Safety Can 2GAL

M8321178 Available: 2
Heavy-duty, high grade coated steel construction with reinforcing ribs to strengthen sidewalls to resist chemicals and stand up to heavy abuse. Single spout for filling and pouring. Self-closing, leak-proof lid, and a swinging handle for carrying heavier loads. Counterbalanced ergonomic design with full-fisted grip handle offers gravity-assisted pouring. All models are equipped with an FM-tested dual-density flame arrester, which dissipates heat to stop flashback ignition. Positive pressure relief mechanism automatically vents between 3 and 5 psig. Meets OSHA and NFPA requirements, is certified by FM, UL, ULC. Uses funnel 11202Y, Orgill sku 3960424 for type 1 cans.

Oily Waste Can 10GAL Red

M8321187 Available: 1
OSHA compliant, essential whenever solvent cloths and wiping rags are used. One-piece cover opens no more than 60 degrees and stays closed when not in use, isolating contents from fire sources and limiting oxygen so spontaneous combustion risk is virtually eliminated. Cover snaps shut when pedal is released. Round construction and elevated bottom encourage circulation of air around can to disperse heat and reduce moisture build-up and rusting. 13.938" x 18.25" lead-free galvanized steel body with reinforcing ribs protect sides from dents and abuse. Carry handle for portability. Bright red warning color. Durable powder paint finish for long life. Trilingual safety label reduces miscommunication. Factory Mutual tested and approved, UL listed.

Galvanized Steel Safety Can with 5/8" Flexible Spout 5GAL

M8321190 Available: 2
Heavy-duty, coated steel with reinforcing ribs and tough powder paint finish for durability. There are two openings at the top, one with a flexible metal hose for smooth, accurate pouring into small apertures. The hose also provides a bonding path to a receiving vessel. A second opening behind the handle is used for filling. A swinging handle helps to carry a full, heavy can. During pouring the weight of the liquid counterbalances the pressure required to open the spout. Both openings are equipped with dual-density flame arresters which dissipate heat to prevent flashback ignition. Both openings self-close to prevent spillage and the rear opening automatically vents between 3 and 5 psig to guard against pressure build-up at elevated tempera

Hopkins Recycled Oil Jug 3Gal

M8321234 Available: 3
New "Dispos-Oil" is a practical and environmental solution for recycling your used motor oil. Features a large opening with a 3 gallon capacity. The molded handle provides ease in carrying and transporting to your nearest recycle center. Resistant to chemicals and solvents. Unit Dimensions: 11.50" x 8.50" x 11.33".

Tractor Lock Funnel Galvanized Steel 75-008

M8321314 Available: 2
Steel galvanized lock-on tractor funnel with screen and tabs. 8 Quart capacity indicates what the funnel will hold when the outlet is blocked.