Gas Cans & Funnels

Hopkins Recycled Oil Jug 3Gal

M8321234 Available: 7
New "Dispos-Oil" is a practical and environmental solution for recycling your used motor oil. Features a large opening with a 3 gallon capacity. The molded handle provides ease in carrying and transporting to your nearest recycle center. Resistant to chemicals and solvents. Unit Dimensions: 11.50" x 8.50" x 11.33".
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Tractor Lock Funnel Galvanized Steel 75-008

M8321314 Available: 2
Steel galvanized lock-on tractor funnel with screen and tabs. 8 Quart capacity indicates what the funnel will hold when the outlet is blocked.
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14gal Portable Fuel Caddy

M8321350 Available: 1
The tank includes a sizable 14-gallon/53-liter capacity and a 10-foot-long fuel hose, as well as a bolt-on hanger for convenient hose storage. And users will love the sturdy 6-inch wheels, which makes it a breeze to maneuver the tank over rough terrain. Other features include an ergonomically designed, heavy-duty top handle with extra-deep base unit handholds for transport; a UL-approved mechanically vented fill cap; and recessed grooves that provide nuisance-free strapping locations for safer transport. The Flo 'n' Go fluid transfer pump meets all DOT and UN transportation requirements.
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Hopkins Medium Conductive Fuel Filter

M8321728 Available: 1
REMOVES WATER, Dirt and Debris from Fuel. Fast Flow Rate of up to 3.5 gallons per minute for use with portable fuel containers. Great for transferring 6 Gallons or less. Simple, Portable, and Self-Cleaning. Filters Gasoline, Diesel, Heating Oil, and Kerosene. No Replacement Parts.
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Hopkins Flexible Spout for F3 Funnel 12 in.

M8321902 Available: 3
Fill fuel at any angle. Use with F3 model only.
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EZ Pour Gas Can Spout Replacement Kit

M8325252 Available: 3
High flow fuel replacement spout and vent kit. For use on portable fuel containers manufactured prior to January 1, 2009. Kit contains spout and cap, 8" spout extension for hard to reach tanks, 1/2" replacement push in vent, second base cap to fit additional cans and a flame arrester. 7/8" opening, fast fueling for off road equipment, tractors, boats and more.
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No Spill Gas Can

NSGC Available:
Self-venting, self sealing No-Spill fuel cans. Thumb button flow control up to 3 gpm flow rate, Rear handle for well balance pouring. Professional quality,semi-translucent can. Stainless steel filter screen. Rugged high molecular weight. HDPE can body. Use with 6" flexible spout extension to fill autos. CARB approved
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Scepter Maxflow Siphon/Pump & Can

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Maxflo Siphon/Pump Combo. Comes with a 5 gallon fuel gas can. Use with all gas engines and has a flow rate of 2 gallons per minute. Will work as both a pump and also a siphon. Comes with a 36' hose and fuel can spout for easy clean fuel transfers. EPA & CARB Approved.
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Eagle Diesel Can Yellow 5gal

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5 Gallon, yellow, Type 1 safety diesel gas can with F-15 funnel. Heavy gauge steel with sturdy bottom rim and carrying handle. Patented comfort grip trigger release. Brass pour spout and flame arrestor. UL, ULC, and FM Approved.
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Wirthco Double Capped Funnel 1.25qt

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Keeps the drips in and the dirt out. Caps eliminate spills and contaminants. Reduces debris in engines. Clean fluids help prevent mechanical damage. Chemically-resistant polyethylene.
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Wirthco Flexible Spout Funnel

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Fits gallon, quart, and most pint containers. Handles a variety of applications including automotive,RV, household, lawn and garden, marine, arms, industrial and more. One finger flow control, just bend to stop fluid flow. Recycle and reuse, convert fluid containers into your own custom funnels. Manufactured of thermoplastic elastomer.
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Wirthco Funnel with Splash Ring Spout

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1 quart funnel with 15" flexible spout.
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