Gas Cans & Funnels

Wirthco Funnel with Splash Ring Spout

M8202218 Available: 20
1 quart funnel with 15" flexible spout.

Funnel King Prop'R Measure Container

M8202280 Available: 2
End the measuring mess today with The Prop's Measure Tip and Measure Container from Funnel King. This patented 2-in-1 measuring and storage container makes it easy to accurately measure, pour, and store oil, weed killers, insecticides, additives, and more. The translucent, heavy-duty, polyethylene container properly measures 1 to 6 oz. before pouring and features a large 16 oz. storage capacity, so remaining mixtures can be safely stored away for future use.

Utility Funnel with Screen

M8320103 Available: 2
All-purpose fluid dispenser, works well for transmission fluid. Galvanized steel, includes strainer screen and 12" flexible metal extension with tapered tip for hard to reach spots. 17-1/2" overall length.

BG Small Funnel

M8320415 Available: 9
A reusable and purpose made BG Funnel that clips onto the BG cans making pouring much easier.

Tin Funnel 1/2PT

M8320820 Available: 2
All-purpose tin funnel. SIZE  1/2 Pint. 3.5"H and Wx4.5"D

Behrens 52 Heavy Duty Funnel 2qt

M8320821 Available: 2
2 quart capacity. Includes removable screen. Will not crack or fade like plastic. Rust, fire, and heat resistant. Made in USA

Tin Funnel 1QT

M8320835 Available: 2
Better than plastic, won't absorb odors and is recyclable. Oil and chemical resistant. As well as weather resistant. Fluted spout, close nesting tinware. Pieced ic tin. 1 quart.

Behren's Tin Funnel 1.75Qt

M8320840 Available: 2
Part of a full line of high quality automotive products. Better than plastic, won't absorb odors and is recyclable as well as oil and chemical resistant. Weather resistant. Fluted spout, close nesting, pieced IC tin.

Spill Saver Oil Funnel

M8320910 Available: 4
Locking Oil Funnel. Lock-in oil filler hole. Funnel holds bottle while pouring. No waste and no-mess quick pouring.

Hopkins Multi-Purpose Siphon 6'

M8320925 Available: 12
Perfect for gas and all types of liquids. 6-foot clear tube to view liquid flow. Safe and easy to use. Perfect for transferring all types of liquids. Plastic Siphon with 6 ft Clear Tube.

Hopkins Shaker Siphon 10801

M8320930 Available: 5
Moves up to 3.5 gallons per minute and has a 6 Foot anti static tube. Perfect for home, auto, marine, and ranch uses. Corrosion resistant fitting with Flexible tubing. Can be used with water, gasoline, diesel fuel, kerosene, solvents and lubricants to the thickness of 20 grade oil.

Hopkins Large Conductive Fuel Filter

M8321100 Available: 3
REMOVES WATER, Dirt and Debris from Fuel. Fast Flow Rate of up to 5.0 gallons per minute for use with portable fuel containers and fuel pumps. Simple, Portable, and Self-Cleaning. Filters Gasoline, Diesel, Heating Oil, and Kerosene. No Replacement Parts.