Boneco/Air-O-Swiss Anti Mineral Pads 6pk

M1007608 Available: 18
These BONECO / Air-O-Swiss Anti-Mineral Pads (Model A451 or Model AOS A451) are designed to be used with that company's Model S450 steam humidifier. Anti-Mineral-Pads are designed to cut down on the amount of calcification build-up in the vapourizer basin by absorbing much of the fine powder that is left over from the dried-out minerals that were in the water (especially hard water), so you won't have to do a full decalcification treatment as frequently.
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AER Odor Air Purifier Filter

M1039720 Available: 3
Filters that offer consumer specific solutions, as well as industry standard performance, by offering 30% better CADR than current filters. Customizable and easy to use. Features: Offers 30% better CADR than current filters Designed specifically to filter total air, odors/pet odors or allergens.
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Air-O-Swiss Boneco Digital Cool or Warm Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier

M1042406 Available: 8
The U700 is a Humidifier with high standards for cleanliness. Thanks to the innovative CLEANING MODE, the U700 cleans itself quickly and effectively. This highlight also features a one-of-a-kind design and performance. The U700 can release either a cool or warm mist, depending on your own preferences. The timer function, Auto-Mist Technology (AUTO MODE) and the fragrance container accommodate the individual needs of a modern lifestyle.
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Drop Ultrasonic Humidifier Gray

M1042547 Available: 17
Award Winning Design, Top Rated Performance. Get relief from Cold and Flu Symptoms and bring Wellness to your entire Family in style with an iconic Crane Drop Humidifier. Featuring an award winning design and top rated performance, Crane's Drop Shape Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifiers provide up to 24 hours of soothing moisture to help relieve the effects of dryness and congestion, helping you and your Family to breathe easy and sleep through the night peacefully.
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Stadler Form Ultrasonic Humidifier Anton White

M1045540 Available: 5
Small in stature, but huge in performance - that's Anton! Even if it is easily overlooked because of its diminutive size, rooms of up to 250 sq ft pose no challenge to Anton. He is an ultrasonic humidifier made of resistant materials and even capable of perfectly distributing the fragrance of your preferred scented oil throughout the room. Equipped with an anti-calcium cartridge and Ionic Silver Cube, Anton will not leave the white powdery film produced by other humidifiers and keep the water clean and pure. Elegance and easy operation are maintained by control buttons located out of sight on the underside.
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Stadler Form Evaporative Humidifier Oskar Big

M1045543 Available: 8
Suitable for rooms up to 100 m?
Low power consumption from 8 watt
Suitable for aroma diffusion
Thanks to its unique V4 filter technology, the powerful humidifier is the ideal choice for large rooms. With his 6-liter water tank and his humidification output of 700 g/h, the evaporator Oskar big is one of the largest in his class. The desired humidity level can easily be adjusted. The memo function reminds you to replace the filter and, thanks to the night mode, the evaporator works almost unnoticed.
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Stadler Form Ionic Silver Cube

M1045545 Available: 21
Patented Swiss technology, prevents the growth of bacteria and germs Activated immediately on contact with water and is ideal for ultrasonic systems, evaporators and air washers
Suitable for use with units made by any manufacturer
The lifetime of the Ionic Silver Cube is around one year
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Stadler Form Demineralization Cartridge

M1045546 Available: 14
Avoids the irritating white dust produced by ultrasonic systems
Makes hard water soft and reduced undesirable emissions of calcium
Effective for one to three months, depending on water hardness
Suitable for all ultrasonic systems with compatible water tank lid
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Cool Mist Humidifier Elephant

M1047373 Available: 9
Adorable Crane Cool Mist Humidifier provides additional comfort to cold symptoms, dry itchy skin, and chapped lips. The whisper quiet humidifier operates on a low power consumption providing up to 11 hours of moisture from a removable one gallon water tank. Includes an automatic shut off safety feature when water tank is empty. Directions to Use: Use on a flat surface.
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Hunifidier Filter Germ Defense

M1048227 Available: 2
Helps reduce white dust, which is a deposit of minerals caused by hard water. for best results replace filter after every 30-40 fillings under normal use or 1-2 months or when the humidifier has not been operated for an extended period of time. to install, simply screw onto tank cap and insert into full water tank. place full water tank back on the water basin and wait fifteen minutes for the water to pass through the filter before starting the humidifier.
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Crane USA Droplet Humidifier White

M1048231 Available: 16
Ultrasonic Cool Mist increases air moisture for easier breathing and a good night0s sleep. Relieves cough, cold, and flu symptoms, nasal congestion, dry cough, sinus irritation, nose bleeds, and dry skin and hair. Recommended non-medicated alternative to over the counter cough and cold medicine. Clean Control Antimicrobial Material is proven to help reduce mold and bacteria growth up to 99.96%*. Removable half gallon tank easily fits under most bathroom sinks.
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Vornado Evap40 Vortex Humidifier

M1048280 Available: 14
Humidifies up to 1,000 sq. ft. through the use of signature vortex circulation. Adjustable humidistat for automatic humidity control and 3 speed settings (low, medium, high),4 gallon capacity and up to 4 gallon output every 24 hours for long, uninterrupted operation. Airlock water tanks are easy-to-fill, spill-proof and leak-free. Simple to clean, assembled in the USA and backed by a 5-year limited warranty.
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