Humidifier & Purifier Filters

Vornado MD1‑0006 (PreSorb 2535) Air Purifier Filter

M3061056 Available: 1
Vornados PreSorb coconut carbon pre-filter traps odors and impurities within a vast network of microscopic channels. Compatible with Vornado's AQS25 and AQS35 air cleaners, the PreSorb filter also reduces many volatile organic compounds and extends the life of a cleaners HEPA filter by trapping larger particles. Coconut carbon is the best absorbent available, helping eliminate many common household and commercial odors.
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Holmes Humidifier Filter "B" 1730/HM1750

M3061355 Available: 5
Microban antimicrobial product protection. Reinforced for longer life. Holmes filter fits: HM-1730, 1745, 1750 and 2200. Meets original manufacturer's specifications.
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Vornado MD1‑0010 Air Purifier Filter

M3061480 Available: 4
The Vornado MD1-0010 AQS 15 Presorb Prefilter (4pk) utilizes activated coconut carbon to trap household odors and other organic compounds and helps extend HEPA filter life by capturing large dust particles, lint and pet hair before it reaches the main filter. For best performance, only use genuine Vornado Presorb Prefilters.
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Venta Airwasher Cleaner 8.8oz

M3062596 Available: 9
The Venta Airwasher Cleaner has been specifically formulated for the thorough cleaning of our Airwashers.The Venta Cleaner should also be used before the storage of the device to ensure any possible residue is removed.Contains 8.8 fl oz which is sufficient for one cleaning.Recommended usage is one every six months.
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Boneco/Air-O-Swiss 7018 Evaporator Wick for E2441

M3065056 Available: 6
Replacement evaporator wick aos 7018 for evaporator AOS E2441. Recommended to change out every 2-3 months depending on water hardness
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Venta Demineralization Cartridge

M3065263 Available: 5
Demineralization replacement cartridge for Venta UltraSonic models VS100, VS205, and VS207.
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3M Air Purifier Filter

M3065352 Available: 3
Filtrete Replacement Filter, Suitable For Use With: FAP03-RS Ultra Clean Air Purifier, 21 in Width X 11-1/2 in Depth X 0.8 in Height
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Venta Maintenance Free Air Washer

M3065465 Available: 10
Venta sonic maintenance free box replacement, removes minerals, bacteria & germs, replace once a year, for use with the venta sonic ultrasonic humidifiers vs350 & vs370.
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M4368445 Available: 2
Filtrete Room Air Purifier Replacement Filter for model series FAPF02.
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Vornado Air Purifier Carbon Pre‑Filter 2pk

M66477 Available: 3
Contains two (2) genuine Vornado Carbon Filters
Fits Vornado air purifier models AC300, AC350, AC500 and AC550
Captures odors and large particles prolonging the life of the HEPA filters Vornado disposable Carbon Filters require no cleaning
Easy to replace, no tools required
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Honeywell HC888V1 Replacement Humidifier Filter

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Humidifier filter removes mineral and pollutants from water. Filter discoloration is natural and will carry depending on water. Replace filter about every two months (depending on use and local water quality) or when performance starts to deteriorate. Help keep your humidifier clean and extend filter life by using other Honeywell accessories including antibacterial treatment (HAC100). This helps control bacteria and algae growth in your water tank, and provides odor free operation for use in evaporative humidifiers only.
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Honeywell True HEPA Replacement Filter 17000-S

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True HEPA filters capture up to 99.97 percent of microscopic particles such as household dust, smoke, pollen, mold spores and pet dander. Long-life design only requires replacement every three to five years. Patented SurroundSeal Technology protects against air leakage around the filter for maximum efficiency. Stack multiple filters for larger models. Filter and included gasket are designed for use with Honeywell Air Purifiers 10500, 17000, 17005, and 17352
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