Barebones Garden Spade

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Garden Spade designed for a lifetime of digging, works easily through both hard and soft soils, bamboo handle is comfortable in grip and can be re-sharpened if it dulls after extended use.
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Fiskars Big Grip Weeder

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Our big grip, ergo and Softouch tools all feature handles designed to improve grip and reduce and fatigue, plus top-quality cast aluminum heads that won't rust. Our dura frametools are ultra lightweight for easy handling but still stronger than steel, so you can be sure they won't snap off.
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Fiskars Big Grip Garden Knife

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The Big Grip Garden Knife reduces hand fatigue whether you're slicing through sod, digging out dandelions, opening bags of soil, planting or transplanting. An extra-large handle with a soft-molded grip provides excellent control and comfort, and the cast-aluminum head resists rust and won't snap off while you're digging. A sharpened blade with a serrated edge makes it easy to dig into tough soil. Additionally, the handle features a hang hole for convenient storage.
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Pinebush Junior Garden Tool Set Duck 4pk

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These colorful ducks are ready to dig into the garden, sandbox or beach! The four-piece Junior Garden Tool Set includes these kid-sized hand tools: trowel, spade, fork and rake. Add in a bucket or watering can, and you've got a summer full of exploration!

Quick-clean plastic handles
Sturdy metal blades and tines
Large set for playtime and planting... or sharing with friends!
Durable construction that can handle dirt, rain and sand
Playful design
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Sentora Japanese Lawn Sickle 3"

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A traditional Japanese Lawn Sickle with a very sharp serrated high carbon blade. This Japanese Lawn Sickle is good for harvesting vegetables, lavender and great for edging lawns too. Wood handle.
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Esschert Round Garden Tool Bag

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Canvas Round Tool Bag will hold all your necessary hand tools for gardening and collect your trimmings or weeds as well! Sturdy handle for added portability.
Tools not included.
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Esschert Garden Tool Sheath

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Canvas Tool Sheath by Esschert design is as practical as it is attractive. No more shoving sharp objects in your back pocket while working in the yard! Strap this durable canvas sheath on your belt and keep your favorite tool right where you need it.
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